Rocking an Apple Pencil. Blogjune. 8/24



Large letters about a metre high spell out the word "DREAMS" in a park. They have been covered in colourful knitting and crochet.

Hurtle Square. Yarn-bombed.


Cycled (on my working manual bike) down to the Cabaret Festival to do a life-drawing session. I expected either a lot of fun and giggles, but no serious drawing, or a chance to really take time to draw some pretty amazing costumes and poses. Neither. Ruby Chew, a local artist and educator took us through using a sighting stick to measure and check angles and sizes of key proportions in a figure. It’s not something I have done before, and I found it extremely useful. We had a single model, a local burlesque performer who started with a large velvet hat, and a negligee over her costume, but steadily disrobed piece-by-piece with each pose.

We used charcoal, both willow and as pencils, not Apple pencils at all – although last time I did lifedrawing at my local pub in Freo, I did experiment with drawing using my iPad. I found the surface a bit restrictive, and realised the expansive feeling of moving my hand across page is part of the attraction.

Why the title of the post? Genevieve mentioned in her post today Rocketing rocket books, Batman that she’s not keen to commit to an Apple Pencil because she is concerned she may lose it. I use my Apple Pencil several times a day, and it changed my life for the better. I take notes in meetings, make lists, mark up PDFs, and now have access to all those bits of my brain that process information better when movement is involved. So, maybe this cheap bit of purpose-built elastic with a little pouch that I bought from eBay when I first got my iPad may be useful for Genevieve too?

A pink iPad cover with a piece of black elastic with a pouch in it strapped to the front holding an Apple Pencil to the front.

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