Highs and lows. Blogjune 7/24



Five people on a glitzy stage singing into hand-held mics with gusto


It’s a pretty good highpoint – the final act of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Variety Gala, with Mahalia Barnes leading “River Deep, Mountain High”, with Virginia Gay and Christie Whelan-Brown on backing vocals. Last year I was absolutely exhausted and could only squeeze a single week’s holiday in my (otherwise) 33 straight weeks of teaching, so I decided to stay in town and go to the Cabaret Festival instead of trying to travel. That’s when I discovered the Gala, which showcases around half the acts who will perform in the next few weeks… and added it to my annual calendar forever.


An ebike locked to a biker rack on a paved concourse at night. The front wheel is missing

E-bikes usually have two tyres and all their brakes. Mine did when I went in to the Gala. Not when I came out. It’s a bit hard to see, but I have two extremely solid bike locks on it. You can see the door to the theatre in the background, and it is under a CCTV.

I wasn’t too puzzled about why people would steal a front tyre. Theft was something that deterred me from buying an ebike, so I had read up and know that the idea is to get you to leave the bike out overnight… so the thieves can return with the tools they need to take the whole thing or strip it in the early morning.

Next time I will put the second lock through the front tyre and attach it to the other lock that is around the bike rack. I made the mistake of attaching both locks to the rack. I upped my home contents insurance to cover theft and damage to my bike and spent quite a bit on the locks. I bought it to ride it, not hide it, so still intend to use it as my main transport… just lock it smarter next time.

In the mean time, I wonder whether Choice reviewed e-bike tyres and brakes…

2 thoughts on “Highs and lows. Blogjune 7/24

  1. Oh, no!

    I had my bicycle stolen just before I left Australia. They nabbed it one night straight out of the backroom, where it was locked up. It’s one thing that I don’t miss about Oz.

    Here, people can leave their bikes completely unlocked, or with the chain just attached to the rear wheel and frame. Some leave them overnight like that and come back, and the bike is still there. Frankly, I find it terrifying.

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