She Speaks and She Shanties. Blogjune 2/24



Five women with stripy shirts singing on a stage in a small pub space


Long-form improv performed by an all-female sea shanty group anyone?

Yes please!

Totally unintended.

I HAD intentionally attended a concert presented by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra of conservatorium students performing contemporary classical works by female composers at 4pm, part of the She Speaks programme. You know, something like an incredibly rapid and intricate flute piece with trills like birdsong, or a composition for cello and eight terracotta flowerpots, or a toy grand piano frentetically accompanying a pre-recorded track of static on a computer.

I did intentionally share a fabulous Greek meal with friends afterward, eating too much fried cheese with no regrets at all.

BUT, this is Adelaide. Where the Fringe has finished. And the Cabaret Festival, of course, has its own Fringe. So, two minutes before the She Shanties show, instead of walking past, I popped in for a rollicking ride where the audience suggested a profession useless on a desert island (management consultant), something you would take on a ship (parrot) and a catchphrase (“Oh, my leg!”)… and then there was much call-and-response chorusing between audience and performers amid imaginary cannon-ball fights; Madame Pachinko’s Circus drumming up business; an failed canine dental hygienist…. concluding with a lover’s ballad extolling the virtues of being unsuccessful together.

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