Winter out there, spring here. Blogjune 1/24


Back. Joining the decreasing gang who attempt to blog every day of June.

I’m going minimalist again this year. One pic and one thing I did today … and more if I want to.


(I am cheating and pre-writing this on Friday 31 May)

Started a six week course through work for people who support communities of scientific researchers, run through the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community . I am responsible for running an annual computational summer school and have this crazy idea that instead of people forming wonderful connections and mentorships over a three day event, then never seeing each other again…. we could build an online community around the event and .. like…. talk to each other before and after it. I love the idea of the first hour of the next summer school feeling like people who know each other finally catching up in person – rather than a room of strangers.


It’s well and truly Winter out there, but on my balcony I have flowers and fruit and feel very Springish.

Flowers in a window box with a bare tree behind them. A cityscape is behind this. Three apples growing on a tree are in the top left corner

6 thoughts on “Winter out there, spring here. Blogjune 1/24

  1. Oh it’s lovely to have flowers in winter. I have a pincushion hakea just taking off and the lorikeets are enjoying it too. And a woolly leaved grevillea. A couple of salvias would still flower if my son liked leaving the flowers on the plants, but I can’t have everything.
    Your online initiative to build that community sounds like a great idea Kathryn, and I hope it takes off.

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