Walking the winter spiral. Blogjune 18/23


It’s minimalist Blogjune – one pic, one thing I did today.

What I did today:

Gathered outside with a group of women to share thoughts on winter, drink warm spiced juice, eat freshly cooked damper, sit around a fire and weave creations from sticks and shells and locally spun yarn.

In honour of the solstice this week, we each made a rolled wax candle, then walked a spiral of leaves and branches to light it from a large candle at the centre, leaving our candle in the pathway as we exited.

But, today’s pic is another view of a stage. It’s my last Cabaret Festival event, An Australian Songbook from Robyn Archer.

I considered travelling to Melbourne for a couple of days on my week off – now being so physically close and not having any pause to take advantage of it before. Instead, I vacationed at the festival.

What do you think? Let us know.