Diehards! Blogjune 1/23


I am posting.

This is thanks to snail and Graeme … and my daily habit of reading RSS through the feedly app on my ipad.

Usually I see pieces from the Conversation and latest ABC news articles. I also have feeds from almost every blog that was part of a Blog June. Enthusiastic souls who attempted to post to their personal blogs every day in June. Like snail and Graeme did today.

We have been Blog Juning for over a decade. Right now is not the time to stop.

This year, I’m going minimalist.

One pic. One thing that happened to me today.

Apples, eggplants, broadbeans, geraniums, parsley, lobelia, carnation, Christmas Cactus, chives on my balcony, with a wintery city behind

What happened? I just sat in on a great student presentation in one of the courses I teach. Really lovely to see the growth in learning over ten very packed weeks.

6 thoughts on “Diehards! Blogjune 1/23

  1. Beautiful plants, Kathryn! On a balcony! I should go outside and pull some weeds.
    Remembered it was #blogjune just yesterday when I saw a post on Mastodon advertised by snail.
    Thanks to you all for keeping this up. It has given me a lot to think about over the last twelve months ( I first noticed it again in 2022.)

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