3am journalling. Blogjune 15/23


It’s minimalist Blogjune – one pic, one thing I did today.

The pic is sunset over the city, a week out from Winter Solstice.

What I did today: Woke early. Warmed some milk and sat in my special reading nook journalling for an hour until I was sleepy again.

I usually sleep well. I am a great believer in solving problems by “sleeping on it”. My brain works really well at finding solutions overnight and laying them on my lap the next day.

Last night, all that subconscious processing had the volume up. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t feel like I was obsessing, it was just I had to watch all that processing while I was semi-awake, rather than it happening silently in the background while I snoozed.

I have a LOT to do as I finish marking for one study period and prepare my online sites and course outlines for the next one… all due to be made live this Friday so I can take a week of annual leave before plunging back into teaching.

I worked out some improvements for an assessment that is currently being marked. I created a list of tasks I needed to do before a meeting this morning. I thought up new material and changes to make for the first few weeks of a couple of courses next Study Period.

I think my brain just had so much banked up that it forgot to turn out the lights.

BY THE WAY… I need to fix my blog template before I can respond to comments people have made in the last little while. It is stopping me from posting responses and I need to tweak. That may happen next week.

What do you think? Let us know.