Commenting. Blogjune 13/23


It’s minimalist Blogjune – one pic, one thing I did today.

Livestreamed, after work yoga. (Or… yes, I forgot to take pics again today..)

A purple patterned sarong on a blue towel covering a yoga mat on a wooden floor near a cream curtain.

What I did today:

Commented on other blogjune people’s posts about:

  • Whether the time for blogging was many years ago, but maybe there is room for conversation again at Con’s Flexnib
  • Whether blogging is a way to take conversation back from wall builders at Genevieve’s Reloaded
  • The way people are disconnected by having so many platforms to choose from at snail’s snail.
  • Adding library details to Yelp, Google and Bing at Stephen’s Beating the Bounds
  • A history of personal blogging and being comfortable with not sharing deliberately at Andrew’s Bibliotheque Bound.
  • A visit to Miss Marple’s tearooms in Olinda by Graeme at GraemeO28 Librarian and Biker.

… because I think many people in the conversation are on to something. Maybe we CAN build community, chat more, if we play on each other’s blogs, now that commercial platforms are crumbling. While I think it is worth playing, I suspect I would not have stamina to keep it up. Maybe?

I know I should ALSO get back into personalised replies to people who comment here. I would never have left a comment go unacknowledged once upon a time (you came! you chatted! THANK YOU!!).. but I think so much time being overwhelmed by the stream of information on Twitter has numbed me a bit to etiquette of reciprocated conversation.

3 thoughts on “Commenting. Blogjune 13/23

  1. Food for thought. And please can I say how grateful I am to you smart library people who have kept chipping away at this. Without your #blogjune prompts last year, I would not have gone huffing and puffing around WordPress cobbling a new barebones site together to think out loud on.
    Commenting is lovely, isn’t it. Bloody Twitter and its bloody 140 characters later extended to 280. Why did we think that was clever huh?
    I’ve had a lovely play this evening pulling feeds off Substack into Newsblur, a feedreader I have to pay for but have stuck with for some obscure reason. And now I can unsubscribe from over thirty emails! As someone who’s been cossetted for far too long by walled in apps, I’m feeling almost powerful.

  2. I’ve missed the sustained conversations that used to take place in the comments on blog posts. It used to be that the post was so good that you’d come back again and again to see the latest comments (or sign up for notifications of them).

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