CSS/JavaScript and cultural safety warning. Blogjune 6/23


It’s minimalist Blogjune – one pic, one thing I did today.

I keep forgetting to take photos, which is a pity because today was gloriously sunny and I went walking at lunchtime.

So, tonight it is a picture of seeds ready for planting. I discovered the most vigorous cherry tomato I had ever seen while walking past somebody’s garden about a month ago. It looked like an enormous shrub or a small tree. I picked a couple of fruit, and a friend showed me this trick… smoosh the tomato onto paper towel, let it dry for a couple of months. Then, plant the paper towel just under the surface of the soil. I’m halfway through the process.

Tomato seeds on a paper towel with two cut glass vases behind.

What I did today: Learned a bit more about CSS/JavaScript while I watched and gave feedback to someone from the UniSA library who is helping me create an Aboriginal cultural safety warning for a Libguide project I am working on. I learned how to make a pop up window fly in, and to use the developer tools to temporarily change the style and features on a page to check how CSS tweaks would look.

We modelled it on the existing fly-in warning that you can see on the University of Sydney Libguides.

What do you think? Let us know.