Umbrella protest. Blogjune 4/23


It’s minimalist Blogjune – one pic, one thing I did today.

One pic.

A row of 25 or so people on a roadside, all with umbrellas raised, facing into parkland.
People. Umbrellas. Parkland periphery.

I live in a city surrounded by diverse parklands. Some are formal playing fields. Some are mannered rose gardens. There is an olive grove, wetlands, bushland, netball, hockey, pétanque fields,steams, bridges, a walled Japanese garden, a long grove of eucalyptus. Some have been left a bit wild and scrubby.

Wild and scrubby is where biodiversity thrives.

What I did today: Stood with my umbrella on the edge of eight hectares of wild and scrubby restored and replanted land with hundreds of others. We outlined the perimeter of an area proposed for fencing off to build police stables and offices. For forty horses and far, far fewer people (and animals and plants) than currently enjoy the space.

A drone took our image from above, so watch your newsfeeds.

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