Shoving over, sharing my platform. Blogjune 2/21


In my educational practice I have been exploring how to shove over and share my platform with other voices, amplifying theirs. Particularly Indigenous voices.

I am being paid as an expert and educator, so ethically I can only do this if it forwards the learning aims of the university, and provides excellent and relevant education for students. I teach into accredited courses, so I have to ensure course material meets the expectations of three professional associations. I think this all can be reconciled with me shoving over; in fact, done better if I do. It is taking some careful thinking and stumbling to work out the best way.

I will write more about what I am trying, and why, later in #blogjune.

Until then, watch this. Share it.

(Carmody and Kelly’s original lyrics updated with a story of Australian injustice and genocide, obviously so hard to share)

Paul Kelly & Ziggy Ramo – ‘Little Things’ live on The Set

2 thoughts on “Shoving over, sharing my platform. Blogjune 2/21

  1. Love this idea of shoving over. There are so many wonderful people around me who do not speak as loudly as I do (99% of the world does not speak as loudly as I do), so i need to shove over and maybe shove some other people into the limelight also. Shall explore this concept more.

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