Tapping the mic, shooting the breeze. Blogjune 1/21


For over a decade, librarian bloggers in Australia have been re-firing up their sleeping blogs in June.

Initially, as described by Con in 2010, Blogging, thankfully , it was a way to get people who were writing semi-regularly to write more frequently. Everyone aimed to blog every day of June.

The month became a flurry of writing, reading and mutual commenting. Around five years before that, 15 years ago, this type of reflection and co-learning was the crucible that accelerated many of us to become better and more thoughtful practitioners, fast. For a couple of years, many posted at least weekly, read each other’s posts via our RSS readers daily, and commented on each others’ ideas – accelerating their development, thanking the author for their sharing and encouraging them.

Over a decade, library blogging slipped from infrequent, to marginal, to artisan.

Now the practice of blogging feels far more performative than discursive. A bit like standing solo in the spotlight, with expectation that a polished, coherent well-scripted recital will be offered… rather than just a spot to shoot the breeze.

If I am going to do #blogjune this year, then I am going to try to just shoot the breeze.

I want to post here again for a bit, but to get back to something more tentative and conversational. Almost every single aspect of my life has changed in the last 6 months, including the most amazing morning walk in the pic above, so I should have things to share – even if it is just documenting change and development.

Join me if you would like.

6 thoughts on “Tapping the mic, shooting the breeze. Blogjune 1/21

  1. I saw your post about deadlines and smiled. I am sure that when you get there, we will all be glad you did.

  2. I did my last #blogjune in 2016 and that’s where I am leaving it. I decided then that how I wanted to record my life was through PAD (Photo A Day) on Flickr. I do still blog “regularly” on my food blog. I enjoy doing that as a useful way to document and share my recipes (to a very small group of people). Years ago I was part of a flourishing group of food bloggers whose posts I regularly read in my Bloglines or Feedly or whatever it was then (and couldn’t keep up with them). Where have they all gone? I am still in contact with a couple of them. That’s all. In the last couple of years I have started writing a daily journal in notebooks again, but in Greek. I do it essentially to improve my written Greek and I read with my teacher. So it is very different to previous journal writing of mine. Hmm. This could have been a #blogjune post.🤣🤣

  3. I thought I had nothing to say at the moment but now I am not sure. You and Con always get me thinking. Perhaps I can be performative after all

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