One workshop over two conferences. Being Seen and Heard in Brisbane, 10 and 12 Feb 2013. Information.


Being Seen and Heard: A webcam workshop across two conferences. Co-facillitator, Molly Tebo. 10 February 2013 and 12 February 2013.

This workshop has its own page that will in the next few weeks contain:

  • information about how to join in from home via Twitter or other social media
  • information for participants about how to get movies they make to us during the workshop
  • little movies that are created from NLS6 for response at Information Online as we deal with them
  • other useful information for participants
  • the final stitched-together movie

We even made a little movie describing our little movie sessions, Greenhill and Tebo Being Seen and Heard .

  • New Librarians will explore their professional voice and ask questions. Information Online delegates will learn how to talk to their webcam and provide answers. By the end we will have a movie.The New Librarians’ workshop will focus on being seen within the profession and creating a “professional voice”. What does a new graduate need to do to establish a professional reputation and be known within a network of potential employers, and one day, co-workers or employees? Can one “lead from any position” and establish a leadership role early in one’s career? What are  employers looking for and what is the best advice received by established librarians? These questions will be considered using discussion and facilitated activities. By the end of the conference, participants will have created a movie containing questions that will then be answered by participants in the Information Online Workshop.
  • The Information Online workshop will focus on communicating using moviemaking, particularly when you need to talk to camera. The focus will be on using common workplace equipment like webcams and mobile phones to create visually pleasing, audible and effective communication. Topics covered will include- why do it?, to script or not to script? Overcoming your inner-dork when you talk to camera, getting participant permission, setting up your gear, lighting, creating the best audio, editing, processing and hosting the final product. Bring your own webcam-enabled laptop or smart mobile device plus earbuds or headset.  If you have a play beforehand so you know how to record movies, then that would be useful, although not essential. By the end of the conference participants will have created a movie containing answers to questions that were posed in the New Librarians workshop.



3 thoughts on “One workshop over two conferences. Being Seen and Heard in Brisbane, 10 and 12 Feb 2013. Information.

  1. This looks awesome! I think that all librarians (and other professionals, too) would benefit from this type of reflective practice from time to time. (I wish I could make it to Brisbane! Maybe next time.)

  2. Hi Megan. Nice to see you here 🙂 I like doing this kind of workshop because I learn a lot from the participants.

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