Busted by Jenny


Still taking a break from Think Posts in the 30 posts in 30 days challenge…

My old schoolfriend and very soon to be qualified librarian, Jenny, outed me in the comments on my four truths and one lie post.

She was there when the peacock blue ink incident happened.  When I wrote in peacock blue ink in the Mock Exams before the Big Exam, the teacher in question went to the extent of taking several marks off my English Mock Exam for “not being able to follow instructions” and “dashing off work in green ink”.  She taught me a life lesson – that people in authority can be wrong and to think carefully about what they are saying and measure it against what may be an alternative way of looking at things…

Jenny knows I really am shy enough to cross the road or duck into a shop if I am feeling thingie about talking to someone. Co-incidentally Lutie, who doubted that I would do such a thing,  was in a bookshop in Freo today and I walked up to her and said “hi”. 🙂 And in case she was wondering, I don’t think I would ever feel thingie enough about talking to her to not say hi 🙂 🙂

As GirlwithShoes observed, I was also bemused that no-one questioned me as a roller derby queen or being kicked out of a hotel bar.

That leaves the high jump record. I am 158cm and was a much smaller 12 year old.  My primary school friend Julie, who was a tall and athletic youngster, did hold the state high jump record with that height.

Congratulations to Hoi and Ruth who got it right. To the other people who played – thanks for believing that I could have been a High Jump Champion. Just shows that you never know what other people think you are capable of.

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