Memey shrink lit


I’ve been reading the book meme (Con) , TV meme (Mal), travel meme (Ghylene), the film meme (snail), the two things about you meme (Ghylene) and the “what’s your start screen?” meme (Jenelle) in the 30 posts in 30 days blog posts.

Rather than write a post for each of  the memes, here is the shrink-lit version.

I snack with most activity,

Reading Garner, Helen or Smith, Zadie.

Books are never marked or mutilated,

I remember where my eyes were situated.


I don’t watch news, I do download stuff

Being Erica,  Big Bang, and Big Love

90 second ABC News on iPad saves my time

(Which I wouldn’t spend with Channel Nine)

Amsterdam is furthest North I’ve been,

Cygnet in Tasmania most Southern I’ve seen,

Calcutta’s bustle, history and vigour I’d recommend

But not to a squeamish or nervous friend

Being There, The Graduate, Singin’ in the Rain,

I could watch again and again,

I love movies shot with 3D

Sound of Music I’m yet to see*.

Two names I’ve had (from my mum),

Bugalugs and Sparrow Bum,

I’ve worked in a parade as a clown

And  in an orchard thinning apples down


Now for the starting screen

Briefest one you will have seen

‘Cause this is a shrinklit one

Here’s the ap that I find most fun





.*not really, I just wanted to give snail a heart attack – seen it 5 times and sang along each time

Post 12 of the  30 posts in 30 days challenge.

5 thoughts on “Memey shrink lit

  1. Yay someone else who watches Being Erica. I think for me it’s free therapy, so am not surprised to find it alternatingly annoying and liberating.

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