Bigwig Social Software Showcase – consume these now.


 …. well, only if you want to be up to date on software tools like video, citation bookmarking tools and building aps in Facebook. Only if you want to see extremely engaging examples of librarians creating screencasts.

BIGWIG stands for the Blogs, Interactive Groupware Wikis Interest Group. It’s a division of the Library and Information Technology Association, which is itself a part of the American Library Association.  Their first shindig last year covered twitter, meebo rooms and folksomies among other topics.

What is also radical is the way that the content of the sessions are made available before and after the event. Last year they set up tables where people could talk to the presenters about the particular topic that interested them.

This year, they are experimenting online too – the Your BigWig site has been up for a couple of months,with topics determined by a vote. They are also livestreaming the event.  And you can follow them here:

Social Software Showcase 2008


BIGWIG is proud to present the 2008 Social Software Showcase!

Virtual Discussions

  • APIs  – Saturday June 28 from 3:30 – 4:30 Centralvia TalkShoe
  • Efforts to Bring Social Features to Library Software – Wednesday July 2 from 1:00 – 2:00 Centralvia TalkShoe

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