Hello? Possum! Blogjune 24/24



A possum runs vertically down a tree trunk. A park lamp is visible in the background

In the park. After dark. Riding home from work, so very well rugged up. She tore along the ground, matching my speed. I stopped. She stopped. She looked about, did cute possum-y things. A dogwalker sent her scurrying up a tree, sitting in the lowest fork. She waited for danger to pass (which, it seems, was not me), then ran down again and into the night.

It’s late. I was going to muse on the recent graduations I have had, sparked by Con’s post on the weekend, and Snail’s crossroads (or decision to stay back from them) today and Andrew’s post from last month about career twists and turns.

Still time before the end of Blogjune. I *even* could post afterward. I guess.

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