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Neighbourhood gathering in the Square. Nature Play with cubby making. Welcome to Country. Live acoustic music. Basketball. Firepit. Marshmallows. Free hot chocolate. Chatting with friends and neighbours.

Two craft tables covered in hessian. Children are building cubbies with tarpaulins, hessian and wooden poles on the grass in the background


Accepted my limits. Back to doing Foundational Yoga via my regular livestream, having not even tried the 108 Sun Salutations last night.

I had a major spill on my new e-bike on Good Friday. I was riding into the sunset on my way to the beach, going at top speed, around 25 km/h. My front wheel slipped on some roots on the bike way, sending me sliding down the road and into the bushes on my left side. My knee, elbow and arm were badly scraped, and I hit my head on the pavement. I was helped up by a good samaritan family and prepared to ride off again, when I realised that my knee bleeding through my ripped trousers could not bend.

Yoga equipment on a wooden floor in the sunshine. A small grey cat is wrapped in a blanket on top of it.

Luckily I was mainly scraped up, rather than anything broken. It took me weeks to recover, waiting for the skin to heal over on my knee before I could bend it again. Getting anywhere, sitting and even finding a comfy way to sleep was challenging. My left arm could not really extend or hold anything well. Even with the skin healed over I have been padding my knee with a cushion whenever I do yoga.

It’s frustrating when you have worked to get good at something, and have been very mobile, to start again from a much lower level. Especially when your major transport is walking and cycling. I have a small feline cheerleader who climbs over me if I stay too still in a pose during a yoga session, and lurks about waiting for me to go into shavasana at the very end, so she can snuggle into the blanket on top of me. I’ll soon be back to where I was…

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  1. I’m glad your injuries weren’t more severe; I know those sorts of scrapes and bruises can be so painful. Here’s to continued healing!

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