Pharaohs or tree lights or shopping or bed? Blogjune 15/24



The corner table in a cafe next to a window sea with blue cushions. The brick wall is exposed, the table wooden and the servingware mismatched. There is a potplant in one corner and a handbag, gloves and a newspaper on the seat.


I booked accommodation for the weekend, aiming to fly over Friday afternoon. I realised two weeks later that the Cabaret Festival show I had earlier booked for last night did not get automatically entered into my calendar. Only one of the three shows I bought in the same transaction had – trap for new players… Which is why I was on the last flight out for the night, and finally got to bed around 1am.

I have been flat out planning for next week’s event. Normal job-gets-extra-busy-sometimes-for-good reason busy. Not academia’s this-is-just-how-it-always-is-other-people-are-coping-and-students-will-suffer-or-be-crotchety-if-you-do-not-work-tonight-and-this-weekend-again busy. I am fine with the first, but it means I haven’t really looked up enough to work out what to do with my weekend away.

I learned a bit about myself and my priorities this morning. Should I:

  • Visit the Pharaoh exhibition on the entire lower floor of the National Gallery of Victoria, which opened yesterday?
  • Book tickets to the Royal Botanic Gardens Lightscape sound and light installation at night?
  • Explore the shops and laneways, maybe find some Fluevogs
  • Spend the day in bed, doing crosswords, journalling and dozing before a big week ahead

In other words – check out empirical looting, watch excessive energy consumption, take part in mindless consumerism, or rest?

I chose two options on the list.

6 thoughts on “Pharaohs or tree lights or shopping or bed? Blogjune 15/24

  1. Hmm. There’s clues in the picture, I feel. You went out to a cafe so I’m guessing option 4 (stay in bed) is out. And the cafe doesn’t look like any venues I know near the NGV. So you’re going shopping and going to the Botanic Gardens Lightscape tonight?

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