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A gum tree frames a vista of a city in the distance with the sea behind

This shows the city from a ridge of a walking track that begins just behind my office. It’s a public holiday today, so I did a long bushwalk with friends before returning home to create runsheets for a symposium I am running in Melbourne next week.


Well, a few days ago. Quietly. Soft launch.

Changed the name of this blog from Librarian Smatter to Kathrynarium.

I had changed it once before from “Librarians Matter”. My blog pre-dated the Black Lives Matter movement by a good half-decade, but keeping the name looked like I was trivialising something that needed a bit more respect. The domain name, “”, still make sense when I moved the S across.

You will hear more before the end of the month about whether, 34 years after qualifying professionally, I still think of myself as a librarian. This blog definitely is drifting away from being mainly about libraries and technology. “Kathrynarium” was the name of my second experimental blog I started using the Bloglines RSS reader (that also allowed you to write posts that could be syndicated). My first? Kathrynosaurus.

I’m no stranger to name changing. When my kids were born, their dad and I changed our different family names to a brand new one. I used to say that I took my kid’s name.

My first name changed this year too. Well, at work when I changed jobs at least. My line manager is called Kathryn. So was another employee, with a smattering of “Catherines” in the same very small organisation. So, to disambiguate, I voluntarily took the name “Kit”. Just searching my emails to try to locate anything from the person interviewing me (who had the same name) convinced me.

3 thoughts on “Changing names. Blogjune 10/24

  1. Hmmm.. Being all contemporary it would probably be Peterbaldkit now, since Ada is a Peterbald. Not got the same ring, and no chance of anyone abbreviating it to “Sir”.

    Getting used to the new name? Sort of. It is surprising how often people talk about the “Comms Kit” or “creating a new kit for that”, which still throws me. We had an MC at an event refer to people with a rhyme for their name, and I realised I didn’t know the rhymes for my new one – after learning at about 4 years old that it would always be “‘Kath…..bath!”. One of the hardest bits is reading my line manager’s name and internalising it is not referring to me… then after work hours switching that off.

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