Fresh Borlotti Beans. Blogjune 5/24



Pink and creamy coloured fresh borlotti bean pods. One is split open showing pink-speckled beans inside.


Cooked this wonderful find for dinner.

After using dried borlotti beans all my life, I discovered the joys of the freshly shelled and cooked version in my local fruit and veg shop a couple of months before I left Fremantle. They are creamy and soft and subtle. I tried to find them in the Adelaide Central Markets, but no-one had heard of them. Then, having accepted long ago that I would not find any here, I found a huge pile at the Showgrounds Farmers Market on Sunday.


A glass bowl containing shelled frsh borlotti beans. The discarded pods are behind. In front is garlic, cherry tomatoes, two bay leaves and three sprigs of thyme.


  1. Freshly shelled borlotti beans
  2. Three bruised garlic cloves
  3. Half a tomato (I used cut up cherry tomatoes)
  4. Three sprigs of thyme
  5. Two bay leaves
A saucepan containing borlotti beans, tomato, bay leaves, thyme and garlic

Boil all together for 40 minutes or so, until the beans are creamy.

Use a slotted spoon to remove just the beans from the pot.

  • 6. Olive oil
  • 7. Balsamic vinegar
  • 8. Ground black pepper
  • 9. Sea salt
  • 10. Italian parsley leaves

Season the beans and toss in the parsley.

A rectangular glass dish containing beans and parsley.

Serve on their own. Or with freshly roasted capsium and brown rice, like I did.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Borlotti Beans. Blogjune 5/24

  1. I can see my kids just gobbling that down…NOT! I suggested something as banal as fishcakes to my Youngest yesterday, and he told me he hates tuna (despite having it for lunch). Don’t get me started on my Eldest’s tastes.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never seen borlotti beans here. Even just finding Italian parsley is difficult.

    It looks nice though.

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