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Right up – I am tagging Con, snail, Fiona, Peta, Sam, Kim, Cath, Fiona, Michelle, Graeme, Ruth, Tony, Penny, Hugh, Karen, Steph, Sally, Kate, Tania, Andrew and John.

About ten years ago, my friend Con and I launched a blog for BlogJune called Fortnight Question.

We both wanted to blog more and got a lot out of the public introspection. We figured we could commit to blogging once a month.

The idea was that I would choose a question to ask Con. She would answer it, then send it back to me, with a new question attached. Two weeks later, I would answer both questions, then send the newest question back to Con to answer in a fortnight, along with a brand new question. And so on.

We had a section for public submissions, and were happy to answer anything that people added.

It lasted. For a while.

Now – we have a whole bunch of questions left over, and BlogJune 2022 staring us in the face… so…


(Yes – you… reader-you…you!)

Con started it all again, by sending me a few questions after a bunch of us posted on Twitter about maybe doing a round robin set of interviews for Blogjune 2022.

We are not going to hog all the fun this time, though… We hope. You can join in. For just a single day, just a single question. All we need are 30 people willing to blog once in June. Or even twice or three times – answer as many questions as you want but:

  • just one per day
  • from the list so we know who is blogging when

What list? The Google Doc Blogjune 2022 JuneQuestions.

How to play:

  1. Edit the document to put your name next to a date/question. 
  2. You can cut and paste a question to a different day if you want, as long as every day has a question afterward and you do not double-up a day/question that someone else already grabbed.
  3. Add your blog address. 
  4. On the date:

Answer these three questions:

  1. What do you currently do for a living?
  2. What three words would you use to describe your role?
  3. What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

5. Answer the question you signed up for.

6. Publish your response on your blog

7. Use the hashtag #blogjune and #junequestions

8. Tag someone anytime… on your blog, via Twitter, text them.. And ask them to sign up for a question.

9. Sign up for as many days as you want

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