Thanks & goaty Ferraris


Thanks to all who played along with my #blogjune challenge.

I was going to summarise these, but…

Both my sons received excellent school reports today, beating their personal bests and getting the best possible feedback for attitude. (During the parent /teacher feedback session for one kid today the maths teacher started the session by leaning her pink-striped head right into our space and saying in the loudest voice “He’s doing BLOODY WELL”).

So, as a spontaneous celebration, the kids’ dad and I took them out for dinner. Two very large teenagers and a Greek buffet. I think the buffet won. Just.

The last half of dinner degenerated into people lining up two salt shakers and the metal table number and lifting them up, waving them about saying “goat”, “car”. One member of the party had never come across the Monty Hall problem. I had. I think there is no advantage to switching and the probability remains at 50:50 regardless of what went before. And regardless of how many salt shakers are shaken at me.

So – no chance to blog anything deeper before bed 🙂


One thought on “Thanks & goaty Ferraris

  1. Congratulations to both your boys. Obviously doing their bit to help maths teachers keep their sanity and joy in teaching

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