Advice to students: just.don’


“This” actually means …

“do not be silly enough to try to use paraphrasing software to try to hide that you stole an essay, put it through a text matching program that made it look like you cut bits out of a thesaurus, and then expect your marker not to notice”…

As the fridge on our third floor kitchen tells us…

HINT: “Constant sure aviation route weight” is actually NOT the same as “Continuous positive airway pressure” in an essay about treating sleep aponea.

Equally, “this” could mean:

“Do not take a job as an academic. Marking season WILL make you a little “edgy”. 15 working days to get all assessments returned, regardless of size of class, sleepless nights, ceasing exercising and doing the laundry and seeing your family CAN affect your sanity.

Chances are you may end up facing the fridge on the third floor. Taking a break, yet with so much still inside to share…”


One thought on “Advice to students: just.don’

  1. I have never heard of such software! I am not much good at paraphrasing. I tend to use direct quotes because I think if an author has spent time and energy phrasing it that way then why try to change it. However I did once get told an essay was a ‘quote sandwich’.

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