Portrait of another tired woman…and less tired women…


So, Con’s post last night was just a pic of herself, saying she was too tired to blog.

“Me too” I thought,  “I’ll do that”.

Then … “hold on, she’s got rid of the background in her pic .. cool.. how can I do that?”..

(“Too tired to blog” obviously does not mean “too tired to go searching for natty tools in the middle of the night”).

Third hit on Google for ” remove background online image” was Background Burner .

Took me very quickly from the first version to the next version… I did not have to draw the precise outline, just use the red to roughly mark the background to remove, and the green to very roughly mark the foreground to keep.

But, tonight’s exploration also reminded me of a time when Con and I were not both so tired (how did it get to this? us both being so tired?). I was looking at my old Flickr photos yesterday after looking up some photos I took about redesigning one of my units using Carpe Diem method, and had come across this .. taken in the audience listening to Margaret Attwood at the Perth Concert Hall in … a while ago.. when we both don’t look tired…

4 thoughts on “Portrait of another tired woman…and less tired women…

  1. Lol Con – look at the skill development you missed out on.

    Seriously though, I am interested in the tired syndrome Kathryn has highlighted for us all (I will do a tired woman photo for you too soon). I’ve been like this for a few years now and I know some of it is getting older, but not all of it. Do you two want to take on an energy building journal with me? Find ways to feel less tired together? Or are you too tired for that and we try again next year?

    1. You have ideas coming out of your everywhere at the moment, Ruth 🙂 🙂 I think that I get knocked about by putting in late nighters in a way that I did not before … but have also learned how to balance the rest of my life so I do it less. I think I will need to write a bit about the power and usefulness of the all-nighter for my work style some time in June.

      I am actually finding that I am more willing to say “too tired, that can just wait” more than I used to.. rather than trying to push through exhaustion. So me saying “too tired” more may be a sign of more self-care rather than less 🙂

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