What to blog about for blogjune?


So, you’ve dusted off your blog again for blogjune 2016; or created a nice, shiny new blog ready to join in the conversation. What are you going to post about?

Here’s my tips about feeding the hungry blog-beast.

baggyjumper. (2011). Hungry! Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/baggyjumper/5462303212/

baggyjumper. (2011). Hungry! Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/baggyjumper/5462303212/

  1. Flesh out those half-baked bigger ideas
    • You probably have three half or fully-baked ideas from the last year that you know you would like to flesh out into fully-fledged big topic posts. Maybe a really cool project you did at work. Or a speculation about copyright, user service, drones in Maker Spaces… whatever floats your boat… Promise yourself that by the end of June you will have these published and work on them bit by bit over the month. It may not be until the end of the month that they are done, but you don’t have to get them completely finished in one night.
  2. Pick two or three other bloggers on the #blogjune 2016 list. Read whatever they write and craft a response. If they write silly short stuff, all the better. Follow on in the same vein.
  3. Take a pic of your workspace and tag the post with #blogjune #workspace
  4. Start a distributed poem. Write the first line, pick another blogger on the #blogjune 2016 list ,tag them by mentioning their blog URL in your post and challenge them to write the next line and pass it on.
  5. Recipe. Recipes never go astray.
  6. Write 5 Things About Me
  7. Write 5 Things I wish I learned at Library School
  8. Write These strange 5 tips about working in a library will astound you
  9. Open a Soundcloud account and record a two minute audio piece to embed in your blog. One minute to create profile, two minutes to record, one minute to embed in blog post. Publish! Under 5 minutes
  10. Commit to a single week where each post is just one single sentence and no more. #blogjune #brevity
  11. Write a post called “What to blog about for blogjune?”



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