I can sleep or I can blog…


… but I can’t do both.

Parenting, job and doing other things involving dance or the beach take up my finite amounts of time.


sirexkat. (2009, February 26). 57/365 11:20pm and still working. Retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/sirexkat/3310904615/

(Like making muffins for Mr12 and his three Maths Talent Quester friends as they work on their project)

(Cleaning up again after an old and not-so-neat-any-more cat)

(Trying to find the right dance sneakers that will not split open after three months of use)

(Driving Mr17 to Adult Fans of Lego in Lower Upper Right Woop Woop)

(Working on the box office for the Sound of Music school production)

(Packing to go away for a month)

(Dealing with flooded window and insurance claim so it is all fixed before I go away)

(Long, long skates or bicycle rides along the beach)

If I blog, it cuts into time left over for sleep.

I have so many unwritten blog posts that I would love to write at the moment, including one titled “What happened when I stopped doing all the things”. I would love to be in a place where I could put the time into a blog again, and where I did not prioritise 101 other things that keep me healthy. I love the thinking and writing and talking.

(And, most of all, I love reading what others write when #blogjune cranks things up again and feel like to keep this momentum I need to keep my side up and create too)

But sleep. Better.

2 thoughts on “I can sleep or I can blog…

  1. I didn’t sleep much when I was blogging more regularly, but the kids were younger and a bit more restless at night :). My kitchen table could not be seen for all the books and laundry piled on it as well!

  2. Even though it’s more intermittant now, I enjoy when your blog goes active as you have time or get swept up in June. In fact, that may make me more likely to read it than if you were someone who posted every day or even multiple times a week–because then I couldn’t keep up reading! 🙂

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