What makes me happy each day. Flickr group. Join in.


I just created the Happy365 group on Flickr .


Very simple idea – from 1 January 2013 post an image each day showing something that has made me happy. I would like to know what makes other people happy too, so I have invited a number of Flickr contacts and am very happy for anyone else to join in. I loved watching everyone add their daily images when a bunch of us did the Daily Image 2011 challenge. Feel free to add yourself to the group.

I tend to like a daily nudge when I am doing this kind of thing, so I have created a Twitter account that spits out a link to each image as it is posted in the group. If you follow it, then you will see lots of inspiring (I hope!) or maybe puzzling images showing what makes other people happy. It is at: @Happy365Flickr .



What do you think? Let us know.