New blogging project with Con Wiebrands: Fortnight Question


Con started it.

After her blog was hacked, she mentioned that she still wanted to keep blogging, but was not sure what form it should take. “Me too” I thought.

I love the clarity of thought that is forced by blogging and the challenge to get a message clear before one reaches TL;DR zone. I love the surprise at the end of the post when I find out what I really thought about something. I love being forced to get my facts straight and to create an argument as I write. I love the record it keeps of both thought and fact. I love the feeling that someone is reading what I write or maybe that no-one is,  and the conversation that is sparked when readers share what they know. I also love co-creating with Con.

So – Fortnight Question (FQ) is our response to commit to doing what we love in a way that is manageable and will keep us interested. Here is how we describe it on the blog:

“Fortnight Question” is a commitment that we will write at least one new post every 14 days, answering a question posed by ourselves, each other or by readers of the blog. We will answer with opinion rather than carefully constructed research. We want to write, rather than be right.

We have launched it on the first day of #blogjune, a collaborative effort where Australian library bloggers (and friends) aim to make a post a day for the whole of June. You can see more about the event and who is playing on LibariesInteract , Blogging every day of June? #blogjune . During #blogjune we will both answer the same question over two days, then start on a new one for the next two days. Then we go on to our regular aim of at least two posts per month. I don’t think I will write much on Librarians Matter, though.

Of course you want to nip over to FQ right now, so here is some more information to get you started.


What do you think? Let us know.