Visual Aura or Migraine without the headache…


Imagine you are getting ready to shower before work. Looking down you see something very ordinary like this:


Within a minute, however, growing across your field of vision begins a flashing, zigzagging shape .  It covers most of the visual field, and over the next twenty minutes or so, it will drift toward the left side. About 15 minutes in, another one will appear in the centre, pushing the first one further left. It shimmies and moves about slightly.You cannot really look at it directly and it does not really obscure anything.

You feel your body go rather weak and you space out a little – words come, but they are slowly formed and very deliberate. By now you are concentrating on your breathing and trying to breathe evenly and slowly without hyperventilating. It is difficult – there is this freakish flashing thing dominating your vision.


Shut one eye and it is still there. Look through that one with the other shut and the flashing thing stays. Even closing your eyes does not block it out. It just superimposes itself in colour against the darkness. It is like someone yelling loudly in your ear nonstop and not being able to turn your head away.

As it gets more intense and goes for longer than it ever has before, you phone the government help line, Healthdirect. With it getting worse, you decide to go to the hospital emergency department 10 minutes away. While dressing for this, you look up and notice that the aura has vanished – like a distant lawnmower cutting out without you noticing exactly when the sound stopped.

Not out of the woods yet though. When you look at the faces of your family, just the faces, they seem wrong. Almost like Picasso’s Weeping Woman. When you look closer and try to quantify or calibrate where the distortion is, each bit looks normal – but taken together the face just looks wrong. That only lasts for about 5 minutes.

That’s what happened to me this morning. The Emergency Department confirmed my G.P’s diagnosis – Migraine Aura or Visual Aura . Often people who get migraines have this kind of visual disturbance. It seems like I get the visual disturbance, feel weak and kind of spaced-out for a day, but do not get the terrible headache.

The first time it happened was after a parent died and the second time was  in the weeks after giving birth, 8 years ago.  It has not happened since. I was so glad to know the probable cause this morning, as the first couple of times was very, very scary. It is still scary , but knowing that I was neither having a stroke, about to have an epileptic fit nor going plain crazy was comforting. The facial metamorphosia was new, but maybe it was there before and I only noticed it this time.

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  1. That’s so intense! When I started reading I thought detached retina since it also produces that sort of flashing in the eye. Pretty amazing you get that without the actual migraine pain! I’ll have to tell my Dr Husband about this one. Hope you feel better today!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kathryn. I get the super painful migraines but don’t get an aura. I had no idea how debilitating that could be, interesting to read another’s perspective. Is there a treatment? I use imigran as a just-in-time preventer when mine come on. It tends to cut down the time of experiencing it to only a few hours, so I lose a day rather than 3-4 like I used to. *hugs*

  3. I love your attempt at visualising that experience, Kathryn. I’ve experienced the same, without getting the migraine, although I do get migraines without the auras too. The other symptoms I’ve had are numbness of the mouth, face, hands and arms – really scary when it happens for the first time! Then that strange, altered state of consciousness as it passes can be quite curious. Sometimes, it’s almost entertaining!

  4. So sorry you are experiencing these, you’ve done a great job of imaging the squirelies. I get them too, mine don’t have colour, just clear prisms blocking my view for 20 mns. I also get the painful ones. Haven’t had the numbness, so it is informative to hear that is another possible symptom. Hoping they don’t get worse for you, best. Lisa.

  5. Such a good description of the event – it’s hard to describe the strange disconnectedness. I much prefer the visual aura migrines to the full-on, so-painful-you-throw-up ones. As Suella says, they can be almost beautiful. The flashing lights I see remind me of fluorescent Opera House sails. They do leave you feeling washed out. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. It’s good to know that other people experience this too, but I’m sorry that you do. I wish that I had heard of them before I had my first one. It is unbelievably intense when you have no idea what is going on. Mine don’t so much have colour as flash like lights, almost sparking. I am so, so lucky not to get the headache, although I do become hyper-sensitive to bright colours and loud noise for a while…

  7. I have had these precisely twice, and yes they are absolutely freaky. My first one was within the last three years and was apparently triggered by, of all things, a specific brand and flavor of frozen popsicle thing. The second one was also food related, and is what’s now a known allergy to me beyond the aura.

  8. I am having these visual aura episodes on such a regular basis, weekly sometimes as many as 3 in a week. I cannot work out the trigger, why they happen. I have found if over do things, like rush around, clean the house, get hot an Aura will happen.
    I was taken to A and E last year because I could not open my right eye but was seeing bright lights in what a call a “light bulb element” shape. It was horrible, really frightening. I saw an eye specialist, who gave me drops so I could open my eye and told to see my GP and optician.
    It was the optician who explained to me all about Visual Aura and that it was attributed to migraine. I suffered terrible migraines as a child, the onset always being on the left side, the left eye. Now the visual Aura is always in my right eye.
    I suffer numbness, bad co-ordination, fatigue but rarely do I get a headache with the Aura.
    I now wear prescription tinted glasses all the time, I find the tints do help a little. I also carry a pair of large very dark sun glasses with me everywhere I go. When I have an episode I wear the sunglasses over the top of my prescription tinted glasses. I have found it does help a little.
    I now have to avoid bright light, flashing light, strobe lighting etc, I am so afraid that these will bring on an attack.
    Its so difficult to explain to people, even those closest to you what is happening and just how frightening it is.
    can anyone give me some idea as to why this happens and is there anyway in which to avoid it happening.
    I am 45 years old, and thinking about it my first visual Aura was at work in 2007, I had no idea what was going on, it frightened the life out of me, I honestly believed I had a serious brain tumour. As the years have passed the episodes are becoming more and more frequent, lasting upto 30minutes a time.
    Any advice would be grateful?
    I just wish I could find the trigger, why is this happening as it really is ruining my life.I have no control over an attack.

  9. Thanks for this post! I have had a few episodes that sounds somewhat similar to the visual disturbance you described, and I’m usually too panicked about the visual disturbance to notice if anything else is occurring (ie. other aura symptoms). I booked an appointment with an optometrist to talk about it but it’s good to know others out there have this occur without a headache!

  10. Good description of the scary experience of migraine aura w/o headache. In the past I’ve gotten a few w/o headache but lately, as I stress out for pending surgery I have had 5 in 16 days with a moderate headache following on left side of my head. The most in a 2-week timespan I’ve ever had. I’ve decided to take my xanax as prescribed instead of just when I feel stressed to try and prevent any more auras. I had one at work and luckily was able to bluff my way through, seeing weird with the flashing lights and blinking a lot. They usually last 30-45 mins. Thanks for telling your story; there are tons of us out here going through similar hardships.

  11. Aura is all new to me. I had my first big one 3 weeks ago it hit me right when it got dark outside. I took my kids to the outdoor museum for old time Halloween town trick or treating and I felt like I was at a Pink Floyd show. At first I thought it was a really bad side effect from the Topamax my Doc just put me on. I seen glitter sparkle pops with every blink..rainbows of jagged lines..lightening strikes of electricity..just plain scary.. I had someone drive us home. I have had migraines with aura in the past on a regular basis. I first was diagnosed with a menstrual migraines and put on Bc pill continually to get rid of the period so I would prevent a migraine. After 2 years I developed more migraines throughout the month and the aura got stronger. I came across an article that said if you get a migraine with aura that you should not take birth control pills containing estrogen because it increases your risk of stroke (especially if you are 35 and smoke). Anyway, I get so sick of these and wish there was a cure. I am afraid to take too many pills because I worry about the rebound headaches. I just want relief. It is kinda wrecking my life.

  12. I have aura without headaches most mornings these days, can last 5-10mins and usually when I’m getting ready for work. Sometimes when I wake up abruptly, some will last 30 mins, some faint and then strong and sometimes I’ll just have a flash. It varies so much. When I started getting the really bad migraines as a 13 yr old they would be every now and then, aura then with in 20-30 mins I would have a migraine where I can’t even move my head, dark room etc. Then they stopped for about 7yrs. Came back badly centred around my left eye, no aura…oh the pain…like stabbing/throbbing. These turned into daily migraines (cluster type)- put on daily preventative medication and nasle strays and all sorts to help when I have them. I have now only had a handful painful migraines in the last 21 months after stopping the daily meds. The morning auras are here and usually can get on with my day with no problems- annoying spiral type zaggy thing, there it is, on the floor on the wall on my face in the mirror, the next thing done and forgotten til the next morning- as long as there is no pain I can deal with the daily thing! Might have a word with GP but she will say yes, migraines have a ‘mind’ of their own- with and without aura, none for years, once a month. All I know is that I’m prepared and know one might be just around the corner! Don’t be scared 🙂

    1. I’ve been getting the morning/upon waking auras too! But no headache, just the crazy rainbow zigzag. Glad to hear I have a partner in crime here. 😉 I, too, can get thru the rest of my day once the event is over, takes about 20-30 minutes, I talk and feel a little weird, and then everything seems to snap back to normal These always happen when I first wake up, sometimes every day, sometimes it will skip a day.

  13. I started having visual aura 10 yrs. ago….only had 2 of them until this year and have had numerous ones in 2011.Sometimes I get a bit of a headache. They still scare me…….I feel really weird like I’m really anxious or nervous, jittery……..then about 2 min. later a spot is in front of one eye (could be either one) it grows into something that is clear in color but waves like heat lightning on a road and is jagged. disturbs my vision. If I can lie down immediately in a dark room I don’t usually get any sort of headache…..lie there 20 to 30 min. and it leaves. Feel weak and strange for half a day or so after…. When it comes I still always wonder if I’m having a stroke or something 🙂 but getting more used to them. have had 3 in past week. Sometimes I’m scared I’ll have one while driving, but will just have to pull off, I guess till it passes.

  14. Hi,
    Welcome to the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ club. 🙂 Sorry it was so scary for you the first time. I’ll admit to being pretty weirded out the first time it happened to me, but after I researched it I felt much better. Just finished having a visit from the Rainbow Serpent a few minutes ago and I’m glad he never stays for long. I’m just glad I’ve got the visual aura part without the attendant headache afterwards, but it’s still not fun when you’re driving and one of them chooses to ‘bloom’ right then. I’m grateful they only occur once or twice a year.
    Oh, check out Australian Aboriginal artwork and you’ll see our little friend there. Apparently, this condition has been around for thousands of years.

  15. Hi,
    I have been cursed with this aura/ migraine without pain for 30 years now. I still get scared when it happens. I have been worked up with several neurologists, and have been thankful that there was nothing terrible found. What helps for me, first is making sure that your getting rest. I’ve had some of them after not sleeping well or after traveling. Secondly pay attention to what you eat. I’ve noticed when my blood sugar drops, I set myself up for getting one. Always choose food with protein. It will serve you better in the long run. I found that this is also an hereditary condition, my brother and my nephew get them as well. So much for hormones being a factor.
    Lastly taking a baby aspirin or low dose aspirin a day is advised by MDs. Also, blowing into a plastic sack at the start of one can actually reduce the length of time. I keep a bag in my car just in case. Your breath has CO2 which is a natural vasodilator. So when you blow into the bag make sure your nose is in there to.. Take care, and find reassurance that you are not alone.

  16. Now my symptons which my doctor or optician cannot solve is as follows.
    I get a feeling of light headiness for want of a better word. Normally when this occours I sit down and it goes off within half an hour. If try to read any wording on tv it gives the illusion of going up and down, if I try and write I cannot make out the correct line to write on.
    No headaches . No zig zags in vision
    Anybody out there with these symptoms ?

  17. Hi all. Thank you for making me feal not alone:( It’s not the hallucinations that distress me but rather thequirkiness seperating me from society. I see my nuerologist soon. In my immediate family we have Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, palinopsia, migraine auras, REM Disorder, & Asperger Syndrome. One son is gifted, one grandparent had a petuotary tumor, & a great grandparent had Alzheimers. I love knowledge & am fascinated by all this but at times feel excluded from society. Btw: I also suffer lower left stomach tenderness & gassiness. Anyone else? Thank you all for sharing. * Heather

  18. U have a son who is 4 years old and who suffers from ashma!
    Since the age of 10months he has had these attacks where he goes very quiet and pale and them goes very floppy and grey/blue looking! The doctors have blamed this on serve ashma attacks, however he isnt wheezy or short of breath when these happen and there r no warning signs as to when and where these will happen! I have been doing some research on migraine with aura and have noticed my son has some of the sign and symptoms like the restless night the night before it happens the sickness being constantly hungry. Quite restless etc!….does anyone know by what iv been saying if this sounds like my son could have this? Many thanks!

  19. * that was Spose to say I have a son….
    Also as my son is only 4 Yeats of age he is unable to tell us how he is feeling before an attack happens!

  20. Hi Kathryn and Every one.
    I have had Migraine with Aura Sinse I was a small child, I didnt know other people didnt live as I have,and thought every one saw aura.
    I’m in my 20th year with Every day migraine Aura with vertigo. I feel as though I’m on a rocking boat most days.

    There is so many different forms of this type of migraine it’s rediculous!
    They do have classifications, From Silent migraine, Acephalgic migraine (also called acephalalgic migraine) to migraine variant, another type is optical migraine, vertignous migraine (Mav) as some people suffer with vertigo with them instead of the (traditional one sided head pain)

    Migraine can be progressive condition as in my case, I was left for too many years undiagnosed.
    These Migraines come in all shapes and sizes, with many different names.

    My symptoms are stroke like, unable to talk or walk my ballance is shot, I have altered level of consciousness blurred vision, Alison in wonderland syndrome (visaul perception problems)
    My Prodrome ( just prior and sometimes during aura faze) will be a feeling of anxiousnous and sometimes cranky, I can cry uncontrollably at times,So I try to just sit breath slowly and tough it out. during this time I cant comunicate but know what is happening around me.

    My Visaul aura can last for more than an hour, My head starts to nod furiously and flop to one side, I then suffer a Vertigo attack tinitus, phonophobia, that can last several minutes, weakness nausea. Sometimes I can also have eurphoria, due to the prolonged attacks and lack of blood flow to the brain.

    I’m am on preventatives which havent stopped the attacks , but have stopped the pain in the back of my scull and across my shoulders,which use to feel as if I’d been hit in the back of the scull bat, I’m still looking into finding another preventative such as epileptic medication to hopefully one day lessen the frequency.
    I’ve been trying different medications over the past 6 years with little success.

    Not sure if you know this or not , but when some women go into menopause , migraine might stop, allthough perimenopause can make migraine worse. I will be 49 in April and am going through peri meno now. arent we the lucky ones!!!

    Also someone said something about contracptive pill, Yes it can make a migrainure worse and can in some people (with Aura) cause stroke. Then there is those lucky few that feel better on the pill.

    I’m sorry that you have to live this way, it has ruined my life and my self respect.

    Diet is a big trigger for migraineures, red -wine- beer -Nuts- avocardo’s- aged hard cheese- anything with tyramine in it, here is a PDF file from the headache society might help..
    Many migraineurs find going gluten free helps.

    I’m sorry that you have to live this way, it has ruined my life and my self respect.
    I wish you all the love in the world and hope you find a medication/ diet … that helps.


  21. I get visual auras that start with feeling enclosed blurred vision with zig zag flashing weird patterns and numbness in my mouth, toungue, nose, fingers on one side and then it feels like Im in 3D if I go to reach or touch something. I do not get the migraine headache afterwards, thank goodness. but it varies in the length of time that it lasts. These weird episodes makes you feel strange, weak and ? very hard to describe. I do have medication from the Doctor that you put under your tongue asap before one starts, it seems to help a little bit – they are called Maxalt.

  22. I am in the same boat guys with so many of these symptoms David says:
    December 20, 2011 at 9:32 am , asked if anyone sees wavy lines or up and down ??????? yes i do but THE WORDS i am reading looks like its moving sideways real real slowly ……

  23. Anyone needs any help, info, please just ask away, i have been suffering since August 1989 with Aura and no headache very scarey the first time it happened , my mum would suffer from this as well and my brother . UNFORTUNATELY MY MIGRAIN DID CHANGE and now the headache would arrive after the aura ranging from mild to severe …..

  24. I`m now 52 and have had these visual aura happenings since I can remember. I dont get headaches or migraine, ever, just these kaliedascope shapes going across my vision in both eyes. Thought I was 1 of a kind and weird, cause no one else had this. On occasions I have a stabbing pain in an eye but it lasts only seconds, but the snakes come when I`m concentrating hard, reading for a prolonged time or florecent tubes. Feels easier knowing this is shared experience.They usually start bottom left, then go up and across and fade away top right.

  25. Same here. Migraine with aura only – slight headache at times. Had my first one in high-school and it completely freaked me out. My GP was quick to diagnose it as classic migraine. I’m now 45 and I have them pretty regularly (Once a month sort of thing – in periods rarer). It doesn’t freak me out any more – just plain annoying. The attack almost invariably comes on if I’m tired, work too hard and look too intensely at my computer screen, but occasionally just appear for no reason I can identify. The attacks always involve these beautiful visual kaleidoscopic zig-zags that you are describing. Occasionally also trouble formulating sentences (which is really weird). The aura normally lasts around 45 min. Always spaced out for a fair amount of time afterwards. Subsides after a days time or so. I’ve tried couple of different “official” meds to see if they help – they don’t. For me, just chilling out, drinking lots of water and maybe take an ibuprofen can prevent it from happening at all.

  26. Hello everyone, just reading the comments on here and some people suffer terrible i am so sorry for you , i know how it feels i get migraine aura but not with he pain, but i have been trying to find the triggers and noticed one poster said she can’t seem to find a trigger. Can i suggest you check the bread you buy, there is an additive called calcium proprionate and it is a major migraine trigger which most people don’t know about. I recently discovered that cinnamon can trigger an aura too as i found out last night, i had eaten a dessert at a freinds last tuesday and last night while out walking i got an aura, i suffer terrible panic and anxiety when aura happens even though i know it can’t harm me , i just get terrified by the visual disturbance and i am determined to find all the triggers and keep them out of my diet, i would rather have a limited diet which is plain than have to suffer aura. I hope this helps you and i pray we all find the triggers and can live a happy healthy migraine aura free life .

  27. I noticed a trend in the previous posts about a feeling of panic and anxious/jittery. In my experience I’ve found this seems to exacerbate the symptoms and the potential proceeding headache. I’ve taken the over the counter migraine medication (Excedrin) as this seems to work as well as the prescription meds I’ve tried – But I still have a minimal to moderate amount of pain once the aura leaves (pain is on the opposite side of the head where the aura was). Recently I realized there could be a connection between the anxiousness and the prolonged symptoms and pain – So I began taking not only OTC migraine meds but also a Klonopin chaser at first sign of aura. I put on my sunglasses for the next 30-40 minutes until the aura makes its way to the left or right and out of my field of vision and go about my day as normal (I used to lay down instead). I’ve had a lot of success with this. Virtually pain free and feel nice and relaxed afterwards. Unfortunately this does not seem to help future auras as I get them once a week. Perhaps it’s time to try a proactive med instead of reactive. In the mean time, as one poster pointed out, try to enjoy your Pink Floyd light shows.As long as your doctor has no concerns about these episodes you’re just going to have to stay positive and make the best of it. I don’t let these stop me from performing my usual tasks and this seems to help. So far I have no accompanying extreme pain so I’m extremely lucky there. Good luck everyone – Take care.

  28. I read with interest most of the comments here. I am 75 yrs. old & found that the frequency of the migraine attacks seemed to have lessened thru the yrs. I had an aura attack Mon. of this week & also today, Thurs. Today, the aura would clear away after 30 or 40 min., but then would repeat for more visual disturbance. This ‘repeat’ business has only happened twice in my experience. The actual ‘pain’ is minimal or most of the time not there at all. But the aura drives me nuts! I don’t feel comfortable driving my car when having the aura. There is an excellent video on the Mayo Clinic website that explains the whole migraine episode. If you google ‘visual aura migraine’ you are sure to come across it.

  29. I just want to say that I first had my first aura in 2007 and then didnt have one up until this year. I freaked out ! i couldnt see anything for 20 minutes and now they are coming close to time for me to start my menst. cycle. Does anyone else have this happen to them or have you noticed? I went to the eye dr and they said it was eye strain causing it but I am still having the attacks even when I have my glasses on. In fact when they happen my glasses semm to enhance them. I have always described them as rain bands on my eye because thats what they look like. Like rain on a windsheild or a window.

  30. Hi. After just suffering another migraine today hopefully I can offer some relief. I have had migraines for just under 40 years getting my first at 9 years old. For the first 7 years my mother told me I did not get them and this was so bad, the pain excrutiating. I had a very good doctor who tried for many years to try and control my migraines. Because of the frequency and severity it was crippling my life. I got the aura (lasting over an hour) paralysis and then the headache which lasted 3 days. I now take 3 nadolol (a bettar blocker) and 2 epilim tablets. When I do get one now, the aura lasts less than 1/2 an hour and the paralysis no longer happens. I also take a Maxalt when they do occur. Today I did not get a headache as I caught it before the aura travelled across my eye. Another preventative to try is magnesium. I take this when I do duathlons as they trigger migraines as well. Be persistent and if you can’t find the cause, cocktails of drugs can help. Good luck fellow sufferers

  31. thank goodness thats all it is
    i am having my 2nd attack of this right now.d my first yesterday
    its scarey with flashing zig zag patterns closing in from my peripheral vision and now its like there is a ceiling fan just out of sight moving gently just above my eye line. there is obviously not one there but it looks like there is
    no head ache but intense tiredness followed lastnight afterwards

  32. This was the first tine it happened to me, it was in a c or 6 shape but it grew larger untill it disapeared im 14 and take no medicine so what is this and is it a signnof anything?

  33. For some people, the aura is a sign of a pfo (patent foramen ovale), the doctors figure the hole allows unscreened/unoxygenated blood back into your circulation and it triggers the brain which responds with aura and migraine. By all means let your doctor know about your auras, as its something they should know about.

  34. I have been experiencing these aura’s for many years. I used to get them about two times a week until my doctor put me on some pills. Now I get them about once every two months. I do get a really bad migraine after experiancing the aura. I lie in bed all day until my migraine is gone and when it is gone I don’t have enough energy to do anything. I to experience numbness in my lips and finger tips. When I get a really bad mirgaine I sometimes don’t even feel good the following day.

  35. Very well described and I just had an “Aura” this AM while driving to work. I have migranes in spells (2 or three in the span of a few week then nothing for a few months) and not sure what causes them. I have given up caffiene, chocolate, wines, foods with MSG but still get them. Sometime I get a headache sometimes not! I hate this because I feel wasted for a day or 2 after the attack. I am retired from the US Navy and only had them occasionally through my 20’s and 30’s now in my 40’s they are showing up more often. I never ever got one while flying under combat stress…..only after when I was relaxed which seems the opposite of when they should appear.

  36. You described your aura with great detail — and I wish you well. Perhaps my experience could help someone: I am a 56-year-old woman and have had several visual auras, with the first occurring about a week after my father died in 2010. Stress maybe. But then I had another several weeks later. Mine were partial-moon shaped and lasted about 45 minutes each. They would start in the center of my field of vision and move to the right or left. Mentioned it to a doctor friend of mine who insisted I go to my doctor for a check-up. After a battery of tests on my heart and eyes, they finally did a MRI of my head. It was a brain tumor — a benign meningioma. After seeing several brain surgeons about what to do, they all said if there’s no symptoms, leave it be. (At least my tumor is benign and not cancerous.) Have had no auras in a long time now, in fact, no symptoms at all. I would suggest that if you have more than one or two of these, don’t ignore it; at least go to your doctor to get checked. It might save your life.

  37. Just in case anyone has visited this site recently just thought I would post my experience.
    Yup, I occasionally experience visual auras – flashing circling zig zaggy lights and patterns. I am a great advocate of yoga and every time I experience a visual aura I get on the mat and do some yoga – particularly inverted poses as these allow blood to get to my head and as I have read elsewhere the aura is ocular in origin and due to lack of blood in the eye/ocular region so by going upside down blood gets there and the aura goes.
    I had an aura just now – did some breathing exercises, and then went into two poses – you can google them and you best site is yoga journal because it explains them (1) downward facing dog – ardhva mukasana and (2) bent over just flop like a doll, as if i was trying to touch my toes.
    And low and behold they seemed to work – within minutes of this – the aura had gone.
    Hope this helps and sent in the spirit of helpfulness,

    Hope this helps

  38. I have had this aura come and go for about 20 or so years. It is usually a jagged circle which pulsates and grows until it encompasses me. Also it takes about 10 t0 20 minutes, but when it finishes, I feel great as in runners’ high. I feel healed and high I guess you can say. i actually look forward to this vision.

  39. I get migraines often, but never had the Aura. Well, I am currently finishing up my first! It’s almost gone but I still feel a little loopy. I wasn’t sure what it was at first. I thought I had looked into something bright, but when I realized it was growing, I began looking on the net for answers. An almost jagged lined square appeared and covered up the front left of my vision. It is now surrounding mostly my left outside viewing area. So strange!

  40. I am 76 yrs old and have had visual migraines for at least thirty or forty years. Frequent trigger is bright sunlight in the AM….. Also may occur when I am not feeling well or stressed. Botched cataract treatment seems to have worsened them. Be careful of the kind of lens you have inserted. Usually lie down, may use cold cloths for a few minutes and relaxing. We are traveling right now and have had stomach flu and auras have been frequent the past few days. I recall my mother having them but with pain. I never have pain, just feel ‘out of it’. Try to remember to wear sunglasses when I am going outside.

  41. I am an 85 year old male. I had “classical” migraines from about age 10 to my early 70’s with the aura, throbbing severe headache, and violent gastrointestinal upset. These occurred a couple times per year and gradually quit in my 70’s. Since then I occasionally experience the aura in my upper left field of view. There is no headache or accompanying problems and in about twenty minutes my vision goes back to normal. I have never received any diagnosis for any of this but I am certainly grateful that I no longer have the debilitating symptoms of my “younger” years. Those really hurt!

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