What is a library? What do librarians do?


… There is NO one-size-fits all answer …

Back at the ALIA Information Online Conference in February, I asked a bunch of librarians around the breakfast table what they thought a library was and what librarians do. They all had different answers. Some involved dead cats. Some librarians also shared what they think new librarians need to know.

I made this little movie partly to share with students in my Introduction to Libraries unit. What comes out to me is how flexible librarians need to be and how enthused most of the librarians are about what they do – even if they all explain it rather differently …

Thank you to: Amy, Ruth, Con, Naomi, Peter, Kate, Andrew, Bonnie, Lucinda, Kim and Sophie.

This was shot using a Zoom Q3. I like the audio it produced, which is why I bought it. Most of the movie is black and white, however, because it could not cope with the dim light in the ballroom… so it was either some with bright orange faces or everyone with black and white…

What is a library? What do librarians do?

One thought on “What is a library? What do librarians do?

  1. Nice work Katherine. Enjoyable video. Nice to see so many familiar, friendly faces. I like the contrast between black and white and colour sections. I hope your students find it useful.

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