Daily Image 2011 on Flickr…join in if you would like.


Someone asked me to join a daily photo group in 2009. I got as far as 281 photos, and found it a surprisingly confronting and interesting activity. By looking at how I presented myself in a still image each day, it changed the way I thought about how I interacted with other people in real life.

I’m trying it again in 2011 and am really interested in seeing what other people make of the exercise…

If you’d like to play along with the Daily Image 2011 group, please join me by going to the group page on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/dailyimage2011/



One photo/video/drawing each day with yourself in it, uploaded to Flickr.


You do not have to create the image, but you do need to be in it somewhere – hand, slight image in mirror, photo of self on PC screen in background…

If you don’t manage one photo per day, feel free to add what you can when you can… but only one photo from each day.


I got as far as 281 photos doing this in 2009 and was really confronted by the choices I had to make about how I presented myself. Did I always want to show myself as a healthy, cheery sort of person? How much of the ugly and everyday was I prepared to show?

I discovered that – contrary to my comfort level – photos with myself smiling really *did* look better. This freaked me out, as I always thought that forcing myself to smile looked worse than showing something “genuine”. This flowed on to my everyday life where I started smiling at other people more…

There is a Daily Image 2011  group pool RSS feed. There is also a Twitter account that is feeding out each image as it is added: Daily Image 2011 Twitter Feed.

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