Where were you when …?


This is one of those “where were you when…?” moments.

Where was I when Kevin Rudd stood down as Prime Minister so that the party could vote on who would be Prime Minister in the morning?

Making a website for work, dealing with some exciting news that I can’t share yet, thinking about the next library unconference in Western Australia….

… removing my 7 year old son’s contact lenses and telling my other son to close his computer because he was totally engaged in designing a computer game for his Year 7 computing class…discovering that playing Renee and Renato’s 1983 Hit Save Your Love makes children run straight to bed with no complaints …

The way I found out about the news, and tried to find more was:

  • reading jokes about a #spill on Twitter and first thinking that there was another oil tanker that had gone over in the sea (stayed 10 mins)
  • watching as the rumour solidified, people began citing sources and putting out links to reliable news sources (5 mins)
  • checking abc.net.au to see what news was there (last updated 12 minutes before) (3 mins)
  • switching on Radio National (ABC again) to hear if there was anything on about it (20 sec)
  • checking the live radio stream from the ABC (not much) (10 sec)
  • switching on ABC1 on the TV (no – Spics ‘n’ Specs on because I’m in Western Australia – 2 hours and 10 years behind the rest of the country)
  • switching to Channel 7 and finally seeing Kev’s resignation speech

Post 25 of the 30 posts in 30 days challenge.

7 thoughts on “Where were you when …?

  1. And I was asleep 😛 Well, in bed pretty much. Came in this morning to a barrage of tweets – there was a miniscule article on the newspaper’s front page. ;P I’m afraid the All Whites game tomorrow trumps Ozzie politics at the moment!

  2. I was grocery shopping with my daughter. I hopped in the car and had it tuned to ABC Melbourne. It was 9.55 when I learned we had a femal PM via radio!

  3. I was online at home and saw something hinting at a spill on the ABC website last night. Then followed all the updates on twitter and also the live streaming video on the ABC website. Pretty amazing to watch the results of the spill meeting this morning on TV.

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