I am the Annoyed Librarian….


Sorry Meredith, John, Karen, Cindi, Library Garden Folk, Rochelle and Joshua …but you’ve irritated me enough to blow my cover.

As if you smug twopointopians could ever be the Annoyed Librarian. You guys who influence so many people by your example and change libraries that way !!


As you mentioned, you all have your snarky times that would unmask you as AL. But – my friends – this is just too obvious. Would you really be snarking at all if you were worried about blowing your cover – don’t you think that someone would make the connections that you are now so tenuously pushing? Ergo your snarkiness disproves your claim.

I, however, have never been snarky in my blogging life. (See – I can do “self righteous” just to prove I can get the tone right).

So why have I been doing it? Two reasons:

1) Of course, to sew disharmony in the US biblioblogosphere so that we Antipodean biblioblabbers become the loudest and most successful library blogging voices of our generation.

And the best bit is that – NOONE WOULD SUSPECT… I had the perfect cover.

2) You guys are just all wrong about WRONG – and I had to show it. There is no glory or sense in trying things out when you could be wrong…things just have to be right 100% of the time – as I have constantly shown is possible via my AL persona.

That’s why I’ve been after people like Laura Cohen and David Lee King who try to speak with a sincere voice and take risks. Who do they think they are. Do they really think that anyone will learn anything when they get it wrong? Do they really think that exposing themselves like that will encourage others take similar personal and professional risks? What would happen in libraryland if we all carried on like that? Huh?

6 thoughts on “I am the Annoyed Librarian….

  1. Yes, yes, I was agreeing with you, oh annoyed one! Don’t get too annoyed here–you’ve done such a good job of crafting the two different identities, it would be a shame to spoil things!! 🙂

  2. Are you the annoyed Librarian?? Is it true?? My goodness…

    You have carried over an American voice and focus so well, how did you do it?

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