Perth barcamp 2007 – Pocasting discussion – Trevor Bennett

  • Australia one of first countries to engage with podcasting due to Radio National using it early.
  • Copyright – Educational institutions can retain and link to podcasts via CAL license
  • Flexilecture Radio mike.
  • Podcasting is a Push technology
  • Can timeshift to where you want it to be, as opposed to streaming.
  • Consumption in the car
  • Audio books
  • Podcasting as a way of marketing yourself as an “expert”
  • Costs of podcasting – charged for download and upload. So if you get popular it can cost you
  • Podcasting not just audio. Can podcast excel spreadsheet
  • Podcast – file on RSS …podcast is not a term for a MP3 file
  • Audio podcast, video podcast, advanced podcast, chaptered podcast
  • Profcast on a mac. Talk over slide presentation and create a very small file
  • Standards – audio – save all as MP3, video – m4v (can shrink down on an ipod) ,
  • Zamzar converts file formats for free
  • Ipods have square screens
  • Keynote and Profcast for Mac
  • Garage band – if editing, drag the cuts away using non-destructive editing

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