Blah blah blah about Dewey?


Via gapingvoid, I found Christian Long’s Future of Learning Manifesto :

Here’s a summary..

1. “Playing Small Does Not Serve the World.”
2. What Would Socrates Do?
3. Nobody Cares if You Walked Up Hill Both Ways Barefoot in the Snow.
4. Got Passion? If Not, I’ll Tell You What To Care About.
5. My Memory Is Only As Big As My Heart. Otherwise, I’ll Stick with Google
6. Look it Up or Die.
7. Collaboration Ain’t About Holding Hands. It’s about Going Cool Places Fast.
8. This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record.
9. It Ain’t About the Technology. It’s About Being Inside the Story.
10. Nobody Knows the Answer. Get Comfy with the Questions.

Point 5 deserves full reproduction. Are we engaging via story…or blah blah blah about Dewey?

5. My Memory Is Only As Big As My Heart. Otherwise, I’ll Stick with Google.

I could memorize your facts, but I got Google for that.

Yeah, completely outsourced my entire “traditional fact memorization” protocol to this upstart search engine. Yeah, like a library, ‘cept that there ain’t no dust and much, much bigger. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but I’m not going on Jeopardy, either. Yeah, there isn’t a librarian holding my hand, but then again I need answers now. Not after a lecture on the Dewey Decimal thinga-ma-bob.

Sure, I’ll do that memorize thing for you. Just one catch. Tell me a story.

Seriously. Put away the chalk. Get out from behind the podium. Look me in the eyes. Reach deep into my gut. Massage my heart. Get the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. Get me to tell the flavor of clouds. Tell me to close my eyes and go somewhere bold.

I’ll remember anything you tell me. Swear it.


3 thoughts on “Blah blah blah about Dewey?

  1. The one that really hit home for me was that they aren’t impressed by someone in Bangledesh commenting on your blog – and don’t want to hear about it.

    I’m still impressed when that happens, and I do talk about it. Just the sheer wonder of it. Do you think I could engage them if I told them stories about “when I was a girl…?”.

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